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Hi all

Not sure if anyone know of such a service where a computer can host a website just about anywhere with an internet connection? As in... using the VPN as the connection so that no router port forwarding is needed?

Cheers, Edmond419
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  1. That is an interesting idea. I have not heard of one, but I can see issues with using a VPN tunnel with a server that supports more than a handful of connections. The VPN encapsulates TPC/IP inside TCP/IP, so any streaming issues get magnified.
  2. I s'pose nobody know an answer to this then ?
  3. I have a custom dedicated server from these guys which allows my web site hosted on my laptop to operate form any Internet connection. I use it to distribute medical records but it could be use for anything.
  4. Here is another static IP VPN service to check out:

    They give their address in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on their web site. I am thinking of subscribing to their service. But for now, I'm checking what other options might be available. MyStaticIPAddress shows a plan on their website that costs about $10 a month.
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