Wife's Laptop shut down our router

So on Saturday, at random, the web connection here at the house started acting funny. It would lose connection, then a few minutes later it would come back. I thought this may have something to do with the cable companies tom foolery so i called them and set up an appointment for them to come out (we should be there at sometime between 8 am and 6 pm on Tuesday...perfect).

Fast forward to Monday.

My wife was at work all day so her computer was off. I worked all day long building webpages and streaming music and never lost connection once. The wife got home, turned on her computer and withing 10 mins the problem was back. So I though it may be time to update the driver. I did that and everything was ok for a few hours but alas we started losing connection again.

Tuesday, again the wife leaves, her computer goes off, no problems...all day (the cable guy did show up and said there was some sort of problem in the area and they were working on it).

That night she got home, turned her computer on and right away we lost connection.

So...the to me it sounds like it is something with here laptop...but i have been wrong before.

Our router is the DLink DIR-655

I am running virus and malware scans on her machine now. I don't know of a bug that will randomly kill the network for a few minutes...but who knows?

It does not seem like the router to me and i would hate to go spend money on another one to test that theory but i am stumped.

Any words of advice would be awesome.
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  1. All seems to be working now. I updated to the latest firmware (which is still a couple years old). This gave me the option to "reserve" IP addresses which i went ahead and did. Sine those two changes there seems to be no problem. I am not sure that reserving the IP addresses fixed it or just overall giving the router a total reset with the new firmware, but either way it works...
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