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I know there is a way to solve this, but my brain is fried...

I've just started a new position in the hotel business, and I have 2 computers at my workstation. Both Windows machines, 2 monitors/keyboards/mice. 1 is on a corporate network (sales etc.) & the other is on a brand network (reservations, inventory etc.). Since they're on 2 seperate networks, I'm have an awful workflow problem.

All of the files are to be saved on the corporate network, since it is faster & our shared folders are on it (at least the ones I access). Anything that I do on the brand network, I have to save and upload them into my remote e-mail and then e-mail that to myself, then refresh & save on the corporate network. The actual WORK that I do is on the brand network, but I need to save/send them from the corporate network. There has to be a way of skipping that e-mail step!

I thought about setting up a simple file share, but that won't work. I've even contacted our IT dept. and they have been zero help. The workflow is awful, is there a way to fix this?
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  1. Why not use an external hard drive or thumb drive to move files between the networks? Unless the network engineers set up routing between the two networks that's all you've got.
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