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hi i'm going to go for a 19' screen, and i like to play loads of games, but as we all know gaming on flat panels is not as good as crt's. however i need faltpanels as i cant stand to look at a crt anymore. which screen will u guys prefer? i checked the hercules ProphetviewII 191 BLK and Sony SDM-HX93/B, they all look awesome, i think sony has better contrast and brightness ratio, but they all got 25 ms response time. i'm going to splash out a lot of money for this, so i want ti get the best one, maybe some others are good which i havent heard of, but as well i need looks, plain flat panels is also a bore.
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  1. hi
    i also would like to know.
    i read some stuff about it...but...
  2. I found a review of the Prophetview II 191 but it's in Italian... Someone able to translate it?
  3. isn't there a way on your browser to translate differnet languge's

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  4. Don't know.... using MSIE 6.0
  5. Still...which one to choose?
  6. Currently you need to stick with 17" for gaming due to respone times.
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