Cuda + Windows 7 x64 + MS Visual Studio 2008

How do I make it work there cause I want to use more than 4GB of ram.
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  1. I know nothing about Cuda, but if you have a C++ program you can compile it as a 64-bit executable by changing the "Solution Platform" drop-down listbox in the toolbar from "Win32" to "x64". This will likely show up some code changes you need to make if you haven't been very careful about how you use pointers.

    With the .NET languages it's even easier, as every .NET executable is automatically 64-bit capable unless you change the default options.
  2. go to NV's site, they probably have some documentation for getting CUDA and VS2008 to work together

    been a few years since i did this
  3. I tried, but unfortunately, x64 + VS2008 + CUDA = impossible.
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    Again, I know nothing about Cuda, but this page seems to contain links to 64-bit versions of it. Have you tried those?
  5. Yes
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