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Need a good gaming monitor

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
February 3, 2004 8:07:46 AM

I want either a 15 inch or 17 inch (preferably a 15 inch) monitor with a perfect flat screen.

My current monitor is a CTX PR500f, everything is fine about it except the picture quality seems dull, Its like the colors/pixels are not solid enough and bright enough (like regular CRT monitors are), i think its because my monitor uses a Trinitron screen.

So what is the best gaming pure (perfect) FLAT 15/17 inch CRT monitor?

Also, while were at it, whats the best 15 inch LCD gaming screen out there?

One more thing, im not concerned about price, i will buy the most expensive thing if i have too.

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February 3, 2004 2:54:54 PM

For CRT monitors, pick one with an Aperture grill (AG) screen, which usually has better graphic than Shadow mask sreens, but text isn't as clear. AG monitors have either Sony Trinitron or Misubishi DiamondTron screens. Beware that AG monitor has two horizontal lines across the top and bottom of the screen, which may irritate some people.
For LCDs, choose one with a respond/redraw time of 16ms (millisecond) or less if you play action games or watch DVDs, but for simulation/strategy/RPG and other games you can get buy with a slower respond time. But remember, faster is always better.

According to PC World magazine Top Ten:
-Top 17-inch CRT: NEC FE791SB
-Top 19-inch CRT: NEC FP912SB
Both have Misubishi DiamondTron screens.

-Top 15-inch LCD: Hewlett-Packard L1530
-Top 17-inch LCD: Hewlett-Packard L1702
Both may not be good for gamming since they have respond times of 23ms and 25ms respectively. Look for LCDs from NEC, Sony and Viewsonic for better gamming.