LAN dl speed slower than Wireless dl speed HELP!

I bought a gaming PC a month ago and had some internet problems. first it wasnt a big deal but now I really get frustrated by it (example: being in a teamfight in LoL, getting disconnect).
I got 2 problems
1. My DL speed with cable is ~150 kBps (on my old lappy I used before my pc i got ~700kBps) I have no idea how this can happen because I got cable / powerline
2. My internet keeps disconnecting when I play LoL ( internet disconnects me because I use to much brandwidth ?)

btw not a internet expert.
pc specs:
AMD FX-6100
ASRock Extreme3 970
MSI R7850 OC edition

Devolo DLan 200 AV easy (powerline)
idk what lan cable.

Tips on making my internet DL speed better would be appriciated!
You are godlike if you can help fix all my problems in just 1 post xd

Thank you for reading and have a nice day,
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  1. Powerline is often far slower than wireless, even using a pair of sockets a few feet apart on the same circuit. Run (freeware) LAN Speed Test to confirm that problem:

    You need to troubleshoot the powerline connections for interference, etc. Here is a good FAQ guide:
  2. thanks for the comment
    altough I only learned that Homeplug AV is currently the best at speed. the other link is a pay to use software (unfortunate). I think its the problem of the LAN cable I think it only has a speed of 100 mbs. So I think I will be getting a faster one because they say they are not that expensive.
    Thnx again,
  3. My bad, here is the link to the free version:

    Although not in the spec, gigabit will run over decent CAT5 cable, although 5e or 6 is preferred.
  4. I understan that CAT5 cable is the LAN cable but what is a 5e or a 6 ? a newer version?
    could you maybe send me a link to a good Lan cable or give me specific things to look for ? lengt doesnt matter I need a minimum of 2 meterbecause that is the distance from my pc to the power line.
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  6. Thnx alot! I will find one similar in a shop nearby ( I live in holland xd )
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  8. wich should I buy ? and if those are not good can you find one for me? ( I assume they are good)
    dutch site so might see alot of diffrences.
  9. LamEnough said:
    wich should I buy ? and if those are not good can you find one for me? ( I assume they are good)
    dutch site so might see alot of diffrences.
    Any of those would be excellent, just depends on the length you need. Best to get a little longer to be safe -- up to 100m does not affect performance.
  10. Should I buy 2 cables for my pc to power line and powerline to router?
  11. Yes, and get 5 meters or so even if you only need shorter cables, makes no difference to performance, but you can zip tie up the extra that you may need later.
  12. you are so helpfull!! thank you so much!!
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