New BOEHydis and AUO Panels

BEOHydis has its new 10ms HT17E13 up on its website. AUO has its new 12ms M170EN05 V.8 up on its website. They look like fine panels.
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  1. It is also interesting to note that these panels are both 18bit.
  2. I've noticed those before, but can't seem to find anybody that has one on the market. Hopefully soon.
  3. I haven't heard of anyone using these yet. Maybe crossing the 10ms threshold will be a "big deal" :smile:
  4. Here's a <A HREF="" target="_new">link</A>. It says "Production Q3.4" maybe that means it's not available until late 2004.
  5. It says 03.4Q which I took as the 4th quarter of 03.
  6. Indeed that is when the panels started production but then another company must buy those panels and make the moniters.
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