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I recently finished my basement and put together a home entertainment system. I ran ethernet through the walls to a wall jack. I plugged my laptop into it and it tested good (internet worked and pinged my router 1ms time & 64 TTL.) I put an A/V rack in front of it and brought down my Netgear GS605 switch, XBox360, BD player that had all been on the network upstairs and added a new LAN capable receiver. None of those components will recognize the network. Light doesn't light on the switch(neither amber nor green,) Xbox doesn't recognize a cable is even plugged in. I unplug the switch and using the same cables my laptop picks it up just fine. I bypassed the switch and went strait to the other A/V gear and none of them recognize the network.

By the way, the switch is auto detect between patch/crosssover. The IP settings are all the same from when the gear was connected upstairs.
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  1. when you plug in the power of the Netgear GS605 does the power light come on?
  2. Yes, all the other ports turn amber except for the one to my router.
  3. does it work when you connect the switch directly at the router (without the cable in the wall)?
  4. did the laptop connect at 100Mb/s or 1Gb/s?
  5. 10 Mbs, so I have some wires crossed then?
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