High ping not sure why

just moved in to a new place the internet dl speed is actually decent but the ping is really high for some reason 200~500, i noticed on the network map that im not connected to the router ip but the laptops? its says the ipv4 im connected to is
kinda weird.. is that why the ping is so high? also, theres other people accessing the internet here but all through a wire connection, any suggestions would be great thanks in advance.

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  1. Run a tracert cmd to some common address like and

    If the delay is in the first hop and you are using wireless then I would suspect that you are getting a lot of errors in the radio signal. This high ping time is causes by the wireless retransmitting the data until it gets a clean packet. This all goes on in the firmware so it just looks like a single packet took a long time when really it is many packets that failed.

    What the poor upload speed implies is that your machine hears the wireless signal fine but the other end is having issues hearing your machine.

    Now if you are not on wireless then I misread your post and the problem is going to be as little harder to figure out because wired connections do not retransmit data they just discard packets with errors.
  2. Sorry I didn't clearify I am using a desktop with a wired connection, when I first moved in I ran speed test and got around 42 ms ping and 26 mbs but it's has just jumped up suddenly also I tested the Internet with my Xbox using the same wired connection and it's so laggy and unplayable :( I'm not home right now but when I get home I will run the cmd. Oh and i took a look at the router setup it's quite complicated The modem was connected to a slink I think with like 8 or 9 ports there's also a apple tv looking thing right beside is but there's so many wires I couldn't make out if it was connected to the router or not, any ideas what it could be? Thanks.
  3. Dlink**
  4. ok i pinged the and got minimum 266ms, maximum=1234ms, average 717ms,
    the min 121ms, max 598ms, average 356ms. looking at the network map my desktop is connected to a unknown soource then to the laptop( ) and then the laptop is connected to the router, ive tried connecting to as well but it does not work.
  5. That is very strange that you see the traffic pass though a laptop. Implies something like ICS is running. ICS definitely causes problems so it is best avoided.

    Go back to the basics and plug directly into the modem if that is a option. This will be your simplest test. If there are issues then its time to call the ISP for help They can check the line to your house and see if they see any errors. If it works fine you need to figure out how your house network is put together.
  6. pluging directly into the modem is not an option because theres serveal people using the internet as well maybe this can be avioded if i plug in straight into the dlink router thats connected to the modem? problem now is that i have no idea which ethernet cord is connecting to my room is it color matched?
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    It should work plugged into the router. Finding the cable is pretty much a matter of tracing it. There are tools that will tone them but it tends to not be worth the $40 to find one cable.

    Sounds like you actually have multiple routers in the house but how exactly they are connected is going to take some time to figure out.

    I would still see if the others in the house would let you have 5 minutes to test plugged directly into the modem.
  8. Alright thanks alot man
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