Available Physical mem=75% Total mem?

hi all, i checked the XP windows task manager and found out that out of the total 640mb of my PC133 SDRam, only 488mb is physical. Now is that normal if I'm using XP, or some of them are not being released? Plz give help with information thanks
my system
AMD Thunderbird 750
Asus MB A7V K-133
640mb pc-133 SD-Ram (128mb x 1, 256mb x 2)
Asus V3800 TNT2 m64 v-card
30G Seagate HDD
300W PSU
SB Live! Value
OS: WinXP Professional

appreciate all the help

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  1. You have 640MB physical memory installed (2*256+128) and the task manager should show exactly that under Physical memory, Total. Note: The memory is shown in KB so you should read 640*1024 (Do the math yourself)
  2. Oops my mistake, title edited
    yes, even though the total physical mem is 655xxx, what's available is always below 450xxx
    so as System Cache

    my pc sucks major arse
  3. So you are saying that the OS and whatever default applications you load at startup uses about 200 MB? Hm, It does sounds like a lot. But its certainly not impossible. Du you have a lot of applications loaded at startup?

    I use WXP, and usually around 80-100 MB of memory is used by the system and whatever applications I load at startup.
  4. yep, i'm not sure whether it's the Os/programs that are taking up my mem, but looks like something's wrong..

    Does it have to do with Virtual memory settings?

    My start up programs are: The ones that came with WXP (sound, language..) ICQ, Norton Auto-protect, printer monitor.

    my pc sucks major arse
  5. Perhaps you should try the Windows XP forum.
  6. I've barely done a clean install of WinXP Pro and I've only got ~130MB of non-used memory, with ~120 used. I've got 256MB BTW.

    ...And all the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't put my computer back together again...
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