Internet connection with rg45 and wireless

possibility of connecting with internet with rg45 and wiresless at the same time.
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  1. Andylam said:
    possibility of connecting with internet with rg45 and wiresless at the same time.

    More information on my connection problem. Windows 7 connected at 8 mbps on cable modem with a wireless/cable connection router CISCO.
    I am now connected with RG45 and when I try to connect thru wireless I see my all of the wireless connection around with mine also, I am then asked to enter my password and when I do it cause my HP laptop the laptop reboot itself by going to DOS first. Been trying a few time doing this by going thru CONTROL PANEL, NETWORK and SHARING CENTER, and MANAGE WIRELESS NETWOTK I see my wireless connection here and whn I click on it I ee my connection there and after when I ty to enter my PW this when the problem discribe above "GOING BACK TO DOS"
    Hope some one can help.
  2. You cannot have simultaneous connections the same network, there WILL be problems, as you've already noted.
  3. Can you discribe how I can change the RG45 connection wireless.
  4. What specifically do you want to do?

    It sounds like everything is working as it's supposed to.
  5. I would like to transfert from internet connection from RG45 to wireless.
    Has mentionned before I see my wireless connection "Router" but when I enter my PW the PC go back to reboot on DOS.
  6. Then you need to fix the wireless adapter. Start by downloading and installing the latest drivers from the manufacturer.

    Then, disconnect the ethernet cable before enabling the wireless connection.
  7. Let me explain my problem.
    I am now connected to Internet by a RG45 connection. I am connected thru a cable system connection at 8 Mbps. I would like to connect thru a wireless connection thru my Cisco Router. I am also connected thru a HP Wlan system which is included woth my HP laptop. When I press the Wlan button, I am see my wireless connection and other available in the area. I now disconnect my RG45 connection and I see all of the wireless connection available with mine included. I then click on my connection and I am asked to insert my pass word and when I do, my HP laptop suddenly goes back to DOS and reboot again. I have tried many operation but it always does the same, back to DOS and reboot.
    Am I the only one with this problem and can someone help me correct this problem.

    Merci, Thank you.
  8. Have you even tried what I told you to do with regards to fixing the driver issue? If not then do so, otherwise I'm done here.
  9. All drivers are up to date with Driver Uodate.
    Thank you for your help.
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