Blank screen with underline in upper left hand corner

Blank screen with underline in upper left hand corner. nothing else. nada. the only response I get is ctrl +alt+ delete, the red compaq logo comes on, then back to the underscore. nothng is responsive. If I hold down ctrl +alt+ delete an dhit any key I get a morse code bing.

Help!!! Had by HAL!!!!
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  1. That blinking cursor means that the mother board can not find your boot drive. Reboot and while the computer is doing the POST try taping the quick boot menu key.

    Depending on the type of board you have it could be F2 or F8 or F10. That menu should ask you what you would like to boot from CD/DVD or USB or HD.

    What is the make and model of the computer?

    1 This could be caused by a bad or loose sata cable. (open the case and check the connections from the board to the hard drive)
    2 Bios wacked out and is trying to boot from an unbootable drive like usb or an extra harddrive. (enter bios confirm your HD is the boot drive.)
    3 Your hard drive died. (get a new HD)
  2. Thnx. I will try it. The computer is a compaq 1000 presario. I have tried F8 and the only thing that happens is I get a morse code sound from any of the keys.

    I can use my neighbor's new hp laptop to try to burn a new windows disc.

    as a computer novice, I greatly appreciate any help, including how to download my neighbors operating sysem. Actually, I like the challenge of trying to get my notebook to work.

    HAD by HAL
  3. anonymous1 said:
    sounds like windows has a problem... can you get into safe mode

    No, when I hit F8, I get the red compaq logo. when I hit any of the keys, they make a morse code sound.

    I have access to a neighbor's new hp laptop. How do i burn an operating system to a disc to try to get the compaq to boot from the disc?
  4. You get the restore disk from the PC vendor, should have come with the laptop. Try re-seating the hard-drive first though. You can't make a Windows setup disk from a second PC.
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