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Hello everyone, I have a quick question. I wanted to know if I can use the activation key off a donor computer. I WILL NOT be duplicating keys! The computer was fried after a drink was spilt onto it. I am going to be doing a new build and wanted to know if i can keep and re-use the activation key so I don't have to spend another $100 on one.

Thank you.


This is an OEM Windows 7 activation key
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    Nope, Different PC different key. Biggest issue is the different motherboards.
  2. Damn! thanks man
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  4. Strictly speaking, reactivation of OEM is against their EULA. However, I had a similar experience (kids playing with water pistols inside) but after a quick call to their phone activation number, explaining why I needed to reactivate, they reset it for me and issued a new activation code. A quick phone call could save you $100.
    Good luck.
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