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Did some research on the matter, but I'm a bit confused.

Every time the home line gets a phone call, my PC disconnects momentarily. I am using a d-link router and a d-link wireless PCI adapter (DWA-556 Extreme N). The problem is that my laptop, iphone and my sister's blackberry will not drop connection at all during an incoming phone call. But my PC will. The only difference is between all these is the network adapter.

Does anyone have any suggestions at all?

I tried changing the channel on my router, but of course that did nothing because my other devices aren't having any issues, so I don't think it's the router. Plus I just bought that one, the one I had previously was also doing it (and I thought it was a problem with the router, hence why I purchased a new one).
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    I'd wager a cordless 2.4GHz phone.

    Only 2 ways to fix it in that case:

    1. Buy a 5GHz cordless phone.
    2. Switch to an old fashioned wired phone.
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  3. You're right!

    We have a 4 piece 5.8GHz set in our house, but I completely forgot about the single 2.4 ghz in my room. Disconnected it and tested, connection stays active during incoming call.

    Thank you very much.
  4. Oh man, this brings back memories of online gaming (Ultima Online) during the modem days... "Dad! Hang up the phone!!!!"
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