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I know this might not work, but I know there is a way. My friend across the street has a computer set up with some kind of antenna hooked to the back of his computer via USB (has RaLink network adapter) so that he has access from my neighbors wireless router. Now he has installed a security camera system that has network capabilities (RJ45) and wants to set that up on the network. I was looking at some USB routers and was wondering if there were ones I could just plug the USB antenna into the router and then the computer and security system into the RJ45 plugs?
If this is an option let me know what brand/model router would be a good choice without spending over $100.

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  1. will somthing like this work?

    USB 3G WiFi 802.11b/g/n Wireless Broadband Router 300M
  2. That device is mostly to allow you to plug in cellular broadband modems, have no clue if it would accept a normal wireless card.

    What you are describing is a bridge. What they do is connect to the remote router (ie the neighbor) via wireless and output the signal on ethernet. Many routers have this feature..it is called bridge mode or client mode. You can also buy small bridges that are used for gaming machines but these tend to only have a single ethernet port so you would need to add a small switch behind them. In this design you would not use the wireless network adapter he has in his machine.
  3. Should work, be aware it is only G not N but that may not matter. Just need to verify the neighbor does not have a issue with you using G.

    Since it has dd-wrt os on it there are many many options, just be aware it will be a little more complex to configure but the guys on the dd-wrt are quite helpful if you get stuck.
  4. Do you have any other suggestions to which kind of router will bridge with my neighbors wireless router so that we can set up the network across the street. We have full permission and I can go to my neighbors house to set up the router to communicate with the other one. The distance is about 500 feet or so. I know I should probably find out which router he is running so I can make things easier. I was looking at these:
    RangeMaxTM Wireless Access Point WPN802
  5. 500ft is a long way but if it works now I guess it will work with another.

    A device like this is normally what is used for that distance. It is placed outdoor and a ethernet cable run into the house and plugged into switch or router.


    This particular one you can find for about $60 but there are many devices like this on the market.
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