Connection keeps dropping, have tried multiple fixes.

Just put together a new desktop build and this seems to be my one gremlin. I cannot get a consistent wireless internet connection to save my life. I started off with a DLink DWA-130 adapter. I tried updated drivers for it before going out and purchasing a Netgear N600 adapter. Have the same issue with it as well, randomly while online or streaming something, my connection drops and Windows 7 says that while I have a connection to the router, the router doesn't actually have a connection to the internet. I know this is not true, as I can have my laptop working just fine as it's sitting beside my desktop which can't connect. I have tried updating the drivers, changing the channel of the router from 1 to 6, changing the power profile of the adapter so that Windows can't turn it off, doing a hard reset of the router and the adapter, as well as sacrificing a small goat to the Netgear gods. Nothing has worked so far. Any ideas?
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Where two independent devices have failed at the same simple task, I would suspect the common denominator. In your case, that's the USB Port and you could try another one in case the one you're using is also supporting another device.

    A wireless dongle needs all the 500mA your USB controller can provide and if something else is plugged in another port under the same controller, both devices will be affected - the one that needs all the voltage all the more.

  2. Forgot to mention that I've tried two different USB 3.0 ports as well as a USB 2.0 port, still no dice.

  3. When you changed the channel in he router, does it now match the fixed channel in the receiver? I'm stumped on this one unless there's a microwave oven slap bang in the road the signal wants to go down. Other barriers include steel radiators, electrical wiring and even, once here in the UK automated street lighting switchgear.

  4. Forgot to update this thread. I set Windows 7 to use the windows wireless manager instead of the included software that came with the router, that seems to have cleared things up.

  5. Oh well done! Giving it its own way always stops Microsoft's software spitting its dummy out.

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