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Win 7 OEM question

I am upgrading my AMD athlon 2 x4 635 and Asus motherboard to Intel i5 3570k and GIGABYTE z77 motherboard. What I'm worried about is if windows 7 OEM that I installed to my hdd (while using my old parts) will work with the upgrades? Or will I need to reinstall or contact some part of Microsoft etc...?
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  1. AS far as I know you can reuse the OEM Version of windows BUT you will have to do a complete clean install with a Windows 7 OEM install disk. That means wiping your hard drive and performing the install as if you had built a brand new system (which you have). Backup any data that you will need before wiping the drive.

    Note that OEM versions are limited to a maximum number activations so don't do this any more often than absolutely necessary.
  2. At some point your copy of windows will give a msg saying your hardware config has changed and your product key is no longer any good but if you call the 1 800 # and be able to provide the original product key they'll hook you up with a new key, yay.
  3. You might get away with your old installation, but not worth the trouble later trying to fix errors etc.

    Just reinstall and activate online or using the telephone number provided.
    We shouldn't but we get away with it...
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    You need to do a new install. You cannot just move the drive.

    In addition the license is tied to the motherboard. If you upgrade the motherboard you violate the license agreement and your windows license is no longer valid.
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