How to share files between computers in router network and a single computer usi

I got two static ip for internet. I connect the antenna line to a switch. From the switch, i given a line to wireless router and another line to My PC.

Then i assign the ip for PC as 114.XX.XXX.XX1 and for router as 114.XX.XXX.XX2

Now the all the laptops connected through the wireless router connecting to internet and sharing files to themselves. But the PC connects to the internet but can't share files between the Laptops which are connected through router.

Any help?
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  1. for the PC to connect to the laptops and share files it needs to be behind the router.

    or you need to setup a VPN between the PC and the router.

    I would connect the PC behind the router for added protection
  2. Hi Emerald, Thanks for your reply. I tried to connect the PC behind the router by run the following command "\\<ip address of PC>" on my laptop. It Display the shared folder, but i can't able to open it. Got "access denied" message.
  3. what OS do the computers have?
  4. Emerald said:
    what OS do the computers have?

    Windows 7 ultimate
  5. anyone here to help?
  6. what are the network security settings on the PC? Home, Work, or Public
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