Wired network connection keeps failing.

Ok, here is the thing. To start off with, I own the network, and every system connected to it. I run and admin it, so the chances that anyone else has changed anything is essentially zero.
This computer has a wired network connection (The issue) and a wireless one. They are connected to two separate networks. A few days ago the wired card stopped getting an IP address from my router, always ended up with a 169 address. Eventually I just disabled it, and installed a PCI network card.
Now what happens is that all works fine for a while, then stops. Suddenly I am "Not connected to network" despite the fact my ip address hasn't changed. I run the network troubleshooter, it tells me the "Gateway is unreachable" Resets the network card, and all is good. Then after a while the network fails again. Lil help figure this out please. I did already scan with malwarebytes, and everything is fine as fat as its concerned.
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  1. make sure that one of the network card does NOT have a gateway assigned to it
  2. Emerald said:
    make sure that one of the network card does NOT have a gateway assigned to it

    This is already the case. The wireless card's gateway is blank, but its IP and Subnet are set. The wired card receives its IP Via DHCP.
  3. did you check the network cable?
  4. The network cable was tested with a network cable tester, and also replaced with a known working cable for a short period of time (When I was having issues with the integrated card and not being able to get an IP) The cable made no difference.
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