Graphics card trouble.

Hi guys.
I have a problem: i've got XFX Radeon HD 6770 and i must say it's awesome. Have never seen such a strong card before!
Now, battlefield 3 runs gr8 on high/ultra settings BUT i during playing i always get message like this 'AMD Display driver stopped responding and has succesfully recovered' :heink: after that game shuts down. I don't get at the beginning but after some time.Can you help me??
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  1. This can happen if you have overclocked the card. Also if you don't have sufficient power. Make sure you have the most recent drivers.
  2. I haven't. And i have latest drivers. It only happens on Battlefield 3. f.e. 'Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai' (2012 game) runs gr8 on Ultra details...
  3. Battlefield 3 is the most demanding game. So I think, it might need more power supply than what it needs for the other games. What is your max PSU wattage? Also try any other demanding game, with max settings ON, I would suggest Batman: Arkham city. And if this thing happens again, change your PSU.
    And if this thing doesnt happen with Batman, then try Downgrading your drivers.
  4. I played Arkham C. (Best game ever) and it happend 3 times. Where do i change PSU???
  5. I hope you don't mean Power Supply... It shouldn't be that...i heard that there is wayt to fix it. It mostly happens on Windows 7 (me).
  6. Actually sorry for that, but the PSU means Power supply Unit. It happened to me, and my computer service provider asked me to change my PSU, I did that, and it never happened again, ever..!! :D
    I surely hope there are other ways to fix it, but this is one of the solutions.
    But at first, try installing old drivers, and run the game.
  7. Just pop the case and have a look at your PSU... you are looking for a make/model numeber. But in most cases it will say right on it how many watts its rated for.
  8. I think it might be 450watts, comes as a default option with most of the cases. So you surely need to upgrade to minumim of 550watts to go smooth.
  9. And please tell me 2 thing:
    -first - if PSU isa problem then why it's not even warm,
    -and second - why game doesn't crush on Ultra settings on Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai which is one of the most demanding games in these days??
  10. Do u really think that Shogun 2 is the most demanding game? According to me, its Battlefield 3. And it doesnt get warm because its malfunctioning, cannot put out the amount of wattage its supposed to provide. I mean it'll solve the problem, but i dont know if there is any other cheaper solution.
  11. If you haven't already you should also check the temp of your gpu when you are playing these games. The error message you are getting typically appears when video card crashes. This can happen when the GPU is too hot and the card automatically shut itself off.
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