Sharing files over home network with windows 8...?!?!

Okay so I had all this set up to be simple back in windows 7.

Basically, what I did was turn off password required sharing or whatever, so all I had to do was click on networks in the left side panel when i was in My Computer and click on say, my wifes laptop and it'd open the public folder she had there, and I could drag and drop stuff into and out of it. And same for her and seeing mine.

Now that I have windows 8 on my PC It's all buggered up.

I didn't change ANY settings on HER laptop, but when I try and access it (I used it to back up important files while fresh installing w8) it's asking me for a username and password

Wtf lol.

Any suggestions? I'm at a loss.
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  1. If all your PC's are running windows 7 and 8, then it will probably be easier using homegroup.
  2. How do I do that?
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