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I have a Asus CUSL2-C. I recently bought some 256MB of NCP brand PC133 SDRAM. When I put it into my system, it only shows up as 128MB. I've tried taking all other RAM in my system out. My motherboard has been flashed to the BIOS version 1009.
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  1. It's not a BIOS problem, it's a garbage memory problem. You see, it's cheaper to use 4 "high density" chips than 8 standard density chips. The new definition for "high density" exceeds the compatability of 90% or more of the SDRAM boards on the market. When a chip is sold that's only compatable with 10% of the boards it's made for, it's garbage even if it's not defective.

    What to do? Get a module with at least 8 chips on it. Better yet, get one with 16-chips so it will be cross compatable with even more boards! Crucial carries a very nice 256MB module (PC133 Cas2) as part number CT32M64S4D7E, it's only $32 including 2 day shipping.

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