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Most stable CD-ROM drive???

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October 17, 2002 5:14:38 AM

I just bought a MSI 52x CD-ROM at a computer show last weekend for $20.00. Everything was fine until I installed SOF2 and realized that I couldn't load some maps in MP. I racked my brain for about a day until I thought let me try installing with my TDK CD-RW drive instead. And voila, SOF2 installed and I had no problems at all with any maps. So my question is what is the most stable CD-ROM brands out right now? I'm going to be tossing this p.o.s MSI drive. A company has to be pretty dumb to mess up a simple CD-ROM drive if you ask me. Especially since we've had CD drives on the market for years now. Thanks in advance!!

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October 17, 2002 7:55:25 AM

well my Asus 50x drive is pretty awesome been more than 2 or 3 years but still kicks other drives ass but i dont think thats available now or is it? asus 52x is also a good choice and available
PS dont ever buy asus 56x (crappity crap crap)

October 20, 2002 12:05:38 PM

my ex sony 52x cd drive was a crock of turds.
Slow, buggy, bad reading any form of scratched audio media and loud as buggery!

I switched to a dvd drive and got better performance from a slower drive (40x vs 52x)

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October 22, 2002 9:31:27 AM

ASUS CD-S520 52x drive is the best drive aroud , asus didnt made any 56x drive yet (according to their website), LITEON is also a good choice iff ur on budget
October 31, 2002 9:37:30 PM

I bought a liteon 52x cdrom a couple months ago and have had no problems, except that it's as loud as a harrier jet taking off. :p 

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November 2, 2002 8:16:53 AM

Asus CD drives are fast and reliable as hell. I own a CD-S400/A (40x max) and it's great. Not just because it's a very fast drive but also because it's very quiet; It uses a damping and isolation technology called DDSS-2 that reduces the amount of noise and vibration of the drive by leaps and bounds. I heartily recommend Asus.

I've also heard good things about Teac readers. I own a Teac writer and it's fab (but fairly loud compared to the Asus).
November 2, 2002 8:06:43 PM

Read reviews of various cdr/dvd at <A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>

Lite On's are great and cheep. One other thing you might do with your existing drive is go into Nero and limit the max speed. You drive will read better, be quieter, last longer etc. The only drawback is that it will be slower (duh).

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November 3, 2002 1:32:50 AM

Really and truely, there's only a few drives that have problems with the safedisk protections.

MSI's are one of them.

Liteon's will hammer them out left and right. Sony and Pioneer.

There's a whole slew of debate, but Phillips doesn't want to lose any royality fees for the compact disk deal, so they let it slide. I personally think a whole slew of IT managers wouldn't care if the disk was "compact disk compatible" or not, so Phillips would lose a *whole* lot of revenue from companies and universities.

It's not really bad engineering. It's like some electrical components that expect you will always use alkaline batteries, instead of metal hydrides.

1.5v * 4 == 6v
1.2v * 4 == 4.8v

Big difference.

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