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I have Whatsapp traffic in Kbps at a specific time ( peak hour), and i need to calculate the approximate number of Whatsapp messages sent during that time. in other words, I have traffic in Kbps and i want to transfer it to a data size in KB, we can consider the average size of a whatsapp message 25 characters per message. I think we have to add to each message the header of the udp and the IP encapsulation...Any help please..

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  1. Let's see if I understand this correctly. You want to convert Kb/sec to KB/sec correct? If that's the case then simply divide Kb/sec by 8 to get Bytes. If you want to allow for protocol overhead then divide by 10. Either one will get you in the ballpark.
  2. Thx ex_bubblehead for your response, but this is not exactly what i want since this is straight forward. I have reading of the bandwidth utilized by my whatsapp users at a snooping moment ( let's say 100 kbps at 4:01 PM), i want to know the approximate number of whatsapp messages exchanged under this bandwidth...( let's assume that the size of a single whatsapp message varies between 5 Bytes and 1 Mbyte)...THX
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