whats up with creative crap..i mean labs:)

i just dont get it...why does every single person getting a creative labs sound card? we all knowe they somewhat suck...why not getting this for example

that sound card rocks. when i first intalled it on my computer i've put on my sony studio monitor headphones, and i though the soundcard didnt install properly cuz there was no noise whatsoever (unlike creative). the sound quality is amazing. just check out the specs. and it can be a home theatre system, and i bet any money that its will sound better than any creative soundcard.
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  1. But Creative cards MUST be the best because so many people own them! LOL, and so many people own them because every one of them said "Creative cards must be the best because so many people own them". A viscous circle indeed!

    <font color=blue>You're posting in a forum with class. It may be third class, but it's still class!</font color=blue>
  2. Quote:
    that sound card rocks.

    Lol it sucks for gaming. Most of the enthusiasts on this forum are gamers, and the card you suggest would be a poor choice because it doesn't even support EAX or A3D.

    Creative cards are for gamers. No other brand of card gives you as much compatibility with PC games, period. Creative cards are *not* professional hardware and don't have the level of quality for that (though their marketing claims it sometimes). For gaming (and some music and DVD) on an Intel chipset-based PC, Creative cards are a great choice.

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