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Today I woke up and wanted to connect to the internet via my laptop. The current network I have is the DSL modem connected to a WR841ND TP-LINK router, and then connected via LAN port to my desktop PC, and via Wi-Fi to a Laptop.

However, my connection was unsuccesful. I power cycled both the modem and the router, awaited for a stable connection, and tried again with no result.
That's when I noticed the lights on my router seemed strange. While the router's LAN port 1 to the computer was connected and lit, the LAN port 4 was also lit, but it wasn't connected to anything. Then I noticed my wan port showed the same behaviour, since it was already unplugged, but its light was still on.

That's when I decided to do a factory defaults reset, a hard reset, and reuploaded the firmware to the router. No change at all.

I decided to connect my DSL modem to the computer directly, and internet works like a charm, so everything points to the router as the source of the problem.

Now, I wanted to know. What would be the procedures I should follow to test or repair the router before declaring it "deceased"? Could this be more of a firmware problem? A hardware one?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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  1. Since you already reloaded the firmware that would suggest it is a hardware problem and you need to replace the router.
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