Need to Replace my MS Intellimouse

My MS Intellimouse had a nervous breakdown...I have been considering an optical mouse...what is your experience with optical mouse and fps games? Does it add more latency or screw up aiming, firing etc? Or should I stick with the ol' ball and cord? BTW, I'm not considering a cordless optical unless someone convinces me that they are as sharp as a 'real' mouse.

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  1. Good choice on not getting a cordless. The refresh on them isn't high enough. As far as an optical mouse goes, GET ONE. I have one that is a year old, so it isn't the best model around, but it works great. If you buy one now get the Logitech, as it seems to be the favourite from the people I have talked to.

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  2. I've been using a cordless Logitech trackball for almost the whole week. It rocks out, hard.

    There's pleny o' buttons, and I can't tell any lag in game, or on the net.

    The transmission is a little finicky, though. You'll want a direct line of sight to the receiver; if there's metal, or too much wood, it'll seem like the buttons don't all work.

    As far as "lag", or "sensitivity", I dunno what you all are smoking. Whatever it is, pass the bag. It's no less responsive or sensitive than my dead Kensington trackballs, or my still fully operational intellimouse trackballs. It is, however, setup a little different. You have to "throw" your wrist in order to track straight left and right. With the intellimouse trackballs, and obviously the Kensingtons, you rotate the ball straight left and right, which means you kinda have to move your forearm.

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  3. I like the Logitech optical mouse...sells for approx. 29.99 in Staples on Long Island NY...but friends of mine in the city have found it for as low as 19.99. I have advised a lot of folks to buy this mouse and they've all (including myself) have been pleased. P.S. I have two computers and use the Logitech on both (and have been using them for about two years now; without a problem)........hope this helps.....frew
  4. I have a corded no-name optical that I bought at a computer fair about a year ago for £5. It still works perfectly well, never had to clean it which is a great relief. I did have a cordless ball mouse but as soon as the batteries got slightly worn out i began to get connection problems, that was after about a month. For cordless you really need to replace your batteries so oftn it gets annoying. In the end I returned the mouse with a made-up problem and got a refund (dumbasses :). Opticals are the best, especially into a USB, that rocks

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  5. re: my above post...the mouse has a cord...I had one Logitech cordless and yes you must keep replacing batteries and in my case the cordless mouse had a circuit board inside that went bad...I stay away from cordless now...others may of had other experiences, though...good luck ....frew of stew
  6. I'm using metal-hydride batteries in my trackball.

    Heck, I'd be surprised if I had to yank them out once a month and recharge them overnight.

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  7. I've heard some good reports by gamers about the new Logitech MX700 corless optical mouse. I don't have it myself but if I were buying it's certainly one I'd look at.

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  8. As for FPS games, optical mice have been just fine since they first came out (well since Microsoft ushered in the usable "optical" mouse). I've not noticed any lag, even in fast-paced games

    However I'm also in the market for a new mouse and the Logitech MX700 is the best to date according to every review I've seen on it.

    Yeah it's wireless, but current wireless optical mice have proven to be just fine for games. And the MX700 is unique in that it comes with a cradle to recharge the batteries.

    I can't wait to get mine.

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  9. Optical mice are good. I have an intel explorer 3.0 and its great.
    Optical cordless mice are not as good however, due to the cordless interface not updating quite fast enough.

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  10. Yeah.

    Just another quick plug in here. That Cordless trackball of Logitech's rules.

    There's two different one's, I think. I got the one that's got about 8 buttons and the wheel (including the button wheel). It's half black, and half silver. The model number isn't on it, but I can tell you it was Made in China. =)

    You have to get used to it, and you have to get that receiver put in a good location. I used some two sided tape, and stuck it up above my monitor.

    The response is exactly like my "old" Intellimouse trackball. Jedi Knight 2 really kicks ass with 8 different buttons. Haven't messed around with anything else, other than the web and Word. My only b!tch is the wheel could use a little tweaking; they only give you menu options for how far you want it to scroll, rather than letting you input a number of lines like the msft drivers do.

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  11. How is the cordless mouse of your with lag?
    Doesnt the signal refresh rate limit its responsivness at all? or dont you really notice?

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  12. Dude.

    There's no lag.

    Like I was saying, the wheel isn't as sweet as the msft intellimouse's. But it's functional. There's two other buttons that default to line up/line down that you can use too.

    I'm using a serial intellitrackball right now, and it "jumps" a little on the screen when you move the ball. Instead of responded pixel-by-pixel, it jumps about 5 pixels when you move the ball. If that's the lag you're talking about, then the Logitech kicks it's ass. I dunno if I've turned up the refresh rate on the serial port. Good thing you reminded me...

    [edit: Oh hell. I forgot. How do you turn up the refresh rate on the serial ports in Linux?]

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  13. nono. Thats not exactly what i was thinking of.
    I was refering to the Device interface refresh speed.
    Ye bog standard PS2 mouse runs off the PS2 port at around 50hz or 60hz (forget which)
    A USB mouse runs at 100 or so.
    But ive heard that the I.R. link on the cordless mice is only running at 60hz or so, and its got a transmission lag.

    I could be dead wrong of course :smile:

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