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Ok need a few pieces of advice and opinions welcomed here .

I am getting a cable ISP next week, Road-Runner in new york state, I am also getting married next spring to a great woman with 2 boys. I have this computer p-3 800eb etc etc and still have my old p-2 233... with the additions to my household I will need at least 2 if not 3 systems. I am a newbie at networking etc so I need 1. opinions, experiences advice on the whether to get a Linksys BEFSR41 or a D-Link DI-704 2. I also need to know that assuming I put a nic card in each system, what else do I need to set up a lan that is capable of sharing the cable isp ??

Any help here is most appreciated


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  1. If your ISP only allows 1 IP, and you're connecting the cable connection directly to one of the PCs, then you'd have to install Internet Connection Sharing from Windows or an equivalent piece of software (e.g. Sygate). Make sure you use a crossover patch cable if you connect the 2 PCs directly.

    With a router, just plug the PCs into the router directly with straight-through cables.

    Not minding the exact model numbers, I personally prefer Linksys products, but I've found that DLinks are fine too.

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  2. Arrow, no offense, but aren't you confusing this guy? Now he probably thinks he needs to install ICS in ADDITION to buying a router.

    MHO: Just buy a Linksys BEFSR41 4 port and be done with it. No need to use crossover patch cables, and no need to install ICS. 98% chance it will work out of the box with no config. changes.

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  3. I will suggest 3com.

    3Com 4 Port DSL/Cable Ethernet Router with Firewall and Printer Sharing

    They are 49.99 at
  4. Thanx to all for the advice .. I looked at the 3com and was impressed with the printer sharing capabilities unfortunately tiger direct is out of them .. finally went with the d-link as the specs were same \ similar as the linksys, it was 10 bux cheaper (89.00), it has a heavy duty metal case, an associate tells me he has had good experiences and of course last but not least there is a 30.00 rebate offered on it now reducing the price to 59.00 couple of questions remain .. will I need second nic cards in each system to create a lan or is that handled thru the router ?? how would I share a printer ? is this even possible since unlike the 3com neither the linksys nor the d-link have a printer port

    Thanx again forr the help


    <b><font color=blue>Never try to idiot proof anything..God will always make a better Idiot </b> </font color=blue>
  5. You won't need 2nd NIC's, your lan is handled through the router. Too bad, you could have checked out the SMC Barricade 7004, it has a printer port. Netgear makes a print server (2 port) here it is: <A HREF="http://www.netgear.com/product_view.asp?xrp=6&yrp=15&zrp=60" target="_new">Netgear PS110</A> , there are probably others

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
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