Installing Ubuntu and OS X on Hard Drive

I was hoping for a little guidance.
I have a 500 GB that I want to partition into approximately 100/100/300GB. I want to put Snow Leopard on the first part, put ubuntu on the second and have the third used to save files to. I was hoping that I can format the third, 300 GB partition, in a format that OSX and linux (and even windows 7 installed on another separate drive) can recognize. Is this possible? I've read Fat32 can be read and written by each of these OS's.

I would then use iBoot or some other boot loader to pick which OS to boot into. Any suggestions on that program or is iBoot fine?
If so, any suggestions on how I go about partitioning the drive and with what program?
What order do Install the operating systems?

I've already confirmed that I can run Snow Leopard on the system via the retail CD.
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  1. Linux can mount OS X filesystems, but Windows 7 can't (without buying additional software). You could use FAT32 or NTFS which all OSs should be able to handle.
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