Ping/DL Speed fluctuating

My Internet connection seems really dodgy at the moment and for the life of me i cannot figure out why.

My Ping usually sits at 65 but has been bouncing up to 300+ around the clock, as well as my DL dropping to 0.2mbs instead of it's usual 2.3mbs (i live in a remote area).

I've scanned for malware with Anti-malware bytes as well as hitman pro but they found nothing. I've also checked for programs running updates etc but that area is clean too.

I've even went to the length of putting in a brand new Ethernet cable just to tick it of as a possible problem (the old one was pretty worn).

The ONLY thing i can think of is the weather but honestly it's not that bad, it's been a lot worse and not affected my connection....

-- Also, i don't have a limit on my bandwidth so doubt my ISP is nailing me (although tbh i'm barely using much anways).


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  1. Could be an ISP issue. If you call them you might find out it is a problem they already know about and they will give you an ETA on the fix.
  2. Plug directly into your modem to make sure you are the only device using.

    The most common reason for ping fluctuations is the end user running applications/devices that they don't realize.
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