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My current system has a Maxtor 60 G 7200 RPM Hd with a 2 Mb buffer. I am going to add a new one and have a master / slave configuration. I can get one of the same for approx. $125 CDN or spend almost twice that amount for a 80G Western Digital with an 8 mb buffer. Is there enough of a performance difference to justify the extra $$ for the WD drive? I don't actually need the extra 20 G.
Tia for your opinions.
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  1. Well, for m/s config, I'd choose two UDMA/133 drives over 8MB cache, especially at that price point. You might consider the JB drive for its 3 year warranty, though.

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  2. I recently bought a new hard drive at a local computer/electronics store.There was exactly 10.00 u.s. difference between a wd 40 gig,and a wd 60 gig..........

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