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I am setting up an office network whereby I have 3 pcs, 2 printers and a wireless router all connected via cat6 cable to a switch. I assume I can connect my laptop wirelessly to the internet via the wireless router, but can I wirelessly connect my laptop to the office network (to access files on one of the pcs) via the switch? Or will I just connect via the router then via the switch to the pc? Not sure how a switch works for wired and wireless connection?

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  1. Assuming you plugged the switch into a lan port of the router it will "appear" that you can directly access the other PC and there is nothing in between. Of course what is actually happening is your data goes to the router and then to the switch and back. How the data actually flows means little in a small network where you seldom exceed port capacities.
  2. Great, thanks for clarifying!
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