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Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of some great programs that will help with system improvements like the Disk de-fragment etc, I used to use one which had everything in one but can't think of the name now was doctor something.

Wondered if anyone had any suggestions for a all in one program for system improvements,

grateful for any suggestions and links

many thanks :)
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  1. Yeah im fine in terms of that I just dont want to reformat my computer, just wondering about the software I should run to keep my system clean, anti virus, chkdsk etc
  2. I use CCleaner to remove garbage.

    And Auslogics defrag.

    I use Avira antivirus and have for years with no problems.

    And I run Malwarebytes once a month.

    All these programs are free and all are as good as any paid solution.

    Here is a list of other good free programs.
  3. anort3 said:
    I use CCleaner to remove garbage.

    And Auslogics defrag.

    I use Avira antivirus and have for years with no problems.

    And I run Malwarebytes once a month.

    All these programs are free and all are as good as any paid solution.

    Here is a list of other good free programs.

    Hi :)

    I fix viruses every day and you cannot seriously think AVIRA is as good as a PAID AV like Norton 2012...

    We get LOTS of machines in WITH AVIRA AND VIRUSES....

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Haha!

    AVG Free user here for the last six years, zero infections. Seen many, many machines running various Symantec and McAfee products loaded with viruses and malware. Infections depend mostly on the user's habits and whether or not they keep up to date and actually run any scans.

    Best free software to run on a PC? Here's a list of the best I've used:

    Anti-virus - AVG Free, Avira is not necessarily a bad choice as long as you 'practice safe computer' (update and scan regularly, don't visit warez/online poker sites or weird e-mail links).

    Anti-spyware/malware - Spybot Search and Destroy, found here:
    This software will actually blacklist known malware sites in IE and Firefox (I don't use Chrome or Safari, but it may immunize them as well) for added browsing protection. Also has features such as removal/disabling of BHO and ActiveX objects, and secure deletion.

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, found here:
    Can help find and remove the nasties.

    SuperAntiSpyware, found here:
    In my experience the most thorough anti-spyware/malware solution out there, however the free version allows scanning only, not real time protection.

    Cleanup - Definitely CCleaner (Crap Cleaner), found here:
    Allows manipulation of startup items, the install/uninstall programs list, and a couple other tools. Very handy for removing leftover registry entries from programs with sloppy uninstallers (Antivirus software makers and Microsoft, I'm looking at you.)

    Defrag - Auslogics Disk Defrag, found here:
    The cool thing about this program is that it can automatically exclude SSDs if you're using one, and it also allows the placement of system files at the beginning of the drive, allowing for faster boot times.

    If you're using Firefox, which I recommend over all other browsers, be sure to install the add-ons NoScript and AdBlock Plus. Also visit this website:
    for a quick guide to improve download speeds and rendering times for that browser.

    There are many other things that you can do to speed up the performance of your machine w/o installing any software at all. The number one thing would be to disable unneeded startup programs, like java/adobe updaters, IM clients, etc. Also disabling or uninstalling any kind of browser helper items like toolbars and additional search features will improve browsing speed.

    Specifically, I completely disable the System Restore feature on all versions of Windows, disable indexing on all drives, disable the 'Windows Search' startup item and system process, disable or remove Windows Defender, disable executive paging (writing system files that are in memory to the disk), which is described by Microsoft here:

    If you're running a 64-bit OS with 8GB RAM or more, you can also safely disable the system PageFile all together (Workstation/CAD/heavy PhotoShop users excluded).

    On the internet connection side, you can really stand to gain a lot out of whatever connection you've got (cable/dsl/fiber/satellite), by using TCPOptimizer from here:

    Finally, updating chipset, video, and networking drivers can yield an improvement as well, especially chipset and video. Drivers from Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Realtek, Marvell, and Broadcom can all be found on their respective sites.

    Hope this helps, feel free to hit me with any questions you might have!
  5. Hi :) :) :) :) :) ;) ;) ;) ;) :D :D :D :D :D :lol:

    Well that's special for you.

    But let's look at some real numbers shall we?

    " As far as certifications are concerned in the matter of Avira vs. Norton, both applications are ICSA certified, both scored an A+ in the Anti-Virus Comparative test conducted by, and both are Virus Bulletin VB 100 percent Windows Vista certified. While Avira is also Virus Bulletin VB 100 percent Windows 7 certified, Norton is not. However, Norton also has certifications that Avira does not, such as the West Coast Labs Anti-Virus, Anti-Trojan and Anti-Spyware certifications. "

    Oh looking pretty good for both applications.

    Norton has some extra features. Of course when you add Malwarebytes to Avira all those features are moot. Worth $70 to run one comprehensive program?

    Oh look Avira scores BETTER on the av-comparatives tests....... :) :) :) :) :) :sarcastic:

    Nothing wrong with Norton if you like paying $50-$70 a computer for basically nothing more than a free program gives you. Not that you make money when you install it or have a vested interest in someones computer breaking since that's how you get paid or anything. :kaola: :kaola: :kaola: :kaola: :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable:
  6. Hi :)

    Forget so called "real numbers from tests".....they are total rubbish and different ones say different things...

    My computer shops FIX viruses EVERY day...

    Thats HUNDREDS every month....

    Up to date Norton ...NOBODY walks in my shops WITH Viruses....

    Up to date Mcaffee...very few with Viruses...

    Then we come to the famous "Three A`s" (AVIRA, AVG, AVAST)

    EVERY DAY we get several people come into my shops with that so called protection AND viruses...

    I dont work for a magazine that runs tests and get money for advertising from vendors of anti virus products...I do this for a living...

    Yes I charge for fixing them...thats AFTER they have walked in with them....

    My own PERSONAL machines and all my BUSINESS machines run Norton Internet Security 2012 and Malwarebytes...

    With anti virus, you REALLY do get what you pay for...or not....

    All the best Brett :)
  7. Corr, lot's of comments thanks for the help guys, I'm fine for anti virus :P main thing was just to get something like CCcleaner as someone suggested. cheers vh1atomicpunk for the list of suggestions as well, firefox addons seem great as well, pop up blocker <3.

    But yh thanks for the advice everyone, sorry to cause a debate too xD
  8. try also glary utilities find thing that ccleaner does not and it's free also malwarebytes is not bad to the free one for spywares
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