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My old modem has just died... I have a house with walls that are old and block the signal a lot... I need a modem that can go through thick wall and downstairs/upstairs with fast speed... Thank you for your help! :D
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  1. I'd get something dual band, N600, N750 or N900, then upgrade your computers wireless hardware to match.

    What gear do you have in your computer currently?
  2. well I dont have a wireless im using a wireless booster and im running a ethernet cable from that to my computer... im using a network card
  3. also whats the most powerful modem you know of? so is there any with like 6 ghz?
  4. 2.4 and 5GHz are the only ones 'allowed' by the FCC.

    What booster are you using right now? What router does it connect to? And by 'modem' can I assume you mean the wireless booster or the router? Or am I missing something? And what does 'death' look like in the 'modem', what happened, errors, lack of power, lack of signal, etc etc.

    Can you describe exactly how you receive your internet from the time it hits your home to the point it plugs into your computer or are you using the booster off someone else unsecured network?

    I know, a lot of questions, but it's like taking a car to the mechanic and just saying 'It's making a noise'. Hope ya understand, not trying to bust your chops :)
  5. LMFAO nice metaphore :lol:

    1) Linksus E2500 Cisco(my router) RE1000(booster)
    2) connects to internet line(not optic and we use comcast)
    3) router
    4) Stops sending messages cannot connect on it... im using a old router right now
    5) Can i describe it... ill try
    starts from box outside
    goes to box(receiver inside)
    ethernet to router
    router sends the signal to the booster
    I have a ethernet cable in the booster to my desktop

    Thanks for the help! :D
  6. Since your booster is only 2.4GHz, I'd look at routers that are single band. It will save a few bucks. You might go back to Linksys just for compatibility sake and interoperability. Since you don't need gigabit ports on the router either, I'd look at the E1200 . You might also find a WRT160N cheap (the predecessor to the E line)

    If you want to brave operability, you can also look at Netgear's WNR1500, or WNR2000
  7. hmm yeah... i really have no money limit, so can you please refer me to the best router you know of?
  8. The one I know if that I feel is the 'best' is the Netgear WNDR3700. It is dual band, only N600 (the newer ones are 900), but scores consistently better than any other router out there for speed both close and over distance. It's the one I'd own if I had the extra cash to get it right now. They can be had for around $100 new at most stores, $90 new and $70 refurbed on newegg...
  9. And if you recently won the lottery or something and have no monetary limits, I'll give you my address for one too :D
  10. lol... I already had that one, it died on me after 6 months :/

    how about this one
  11. I've never heard of the company, and that one is only single band (2.4GHz). If you aren't worried about money, I'd look at dual band at least for future upgradeability...

    Looking on newegg, there are a lot of new models I haven't heard anything about. For research, I'd look into the companies website (EnGenius) and see what kind of firmware releasing they do, make sure they are active in improving the firmware, unless you plan on using like a dd-wrt, then I'd check for it's compatibility.
  12. alright
  13. Further, if it was me, I'd stick to the 'big' companies like Linksys, Netgear or D-Link. There is a lot of info on them, should you need help. Other than the dual band, the best advice I think I can give (since you shot down my WNDR3700, haha) is to find something with the dual band then look for something aesthetically pleasing, whether it be internal antennae, gloss look, whatever the case may be, since a router actually has potential to be seen.

    IE, for me, I like internal antennae and have mine mounted on a wall to face the majority of my house, but it's in a closet, so I don't care if it's blue black purple or white, as long as it's sleek and hugs the wall good so my cable modem tucks in nicely next to it (yeah, I'm a little AR).

    Hope that helps also. A little vague, I know, but other than the dual band requirement for me, the next step is compatibility, usability and aesthetics.

    Might also look into and compare the ones you like against their database. I have a Linksys WRT160N (single band, low end), and loading the dd firmware improved my router speed and range tremendously over Linksys' releases.

    (Edited for typos)
  14. Just saw this one, not too high of customer reviews, but WD is good about resolving problems, might just need a little time for firmware, but it's kewl none-the-less:
  15. oh yeah i like that one... do you think it will cut it to get nice performance in my basement(the modem i have now can barely power the xbox)
  16. I don't know, and there isn't a lot of reviews to go off of... Good thing is newegg has a great return policy :)
  17. lol yeah... also i mean i could get a cheaper one(so like one of the ones you recommended, maybe just get the one that i have now again) and then buy a nice range extender or multiple do you know of any maybe if its even possible if there is a 5ghz extender/booster?
  18. for example i found this one would it work?
  19. Yeah, that would work, since it runs dual band. I was going to say I didn't know of any off the top of my head. My network has worked to the point I haven't needed an extender, and when I get the 3700, I plan on using my old WRT160 as an extender. Since it's single band, I can use it to increase range on 2.4 for regular ole web browsing, and use the 5GHz when I'm in closer proximity for games and multimedia.

    I think the combo of the new router and the dual band extender will work very nice!! Makes me kinda jealous :)
  20. lol yeah i think ill get that... does not get very good reviews, and i dont know if it is really very easy to set up... also can i use both the nwe extender and the one i have now?
  21. That I don't know. I would think technically you could, but they might interfere with each other as they will both be on the same bands simultaneously. You could assign subnets differently, but you can't have one running at one frequency set while the other runs at a different set. The router can only output one set of frequencies at a time. I'd get the first set running good, then try and introduce the second extender and do some speed test before and after...
  22. alright... how about just trashing the one i have now(its old anyways and not enough ethernet ports) and get two of the extenders eventually(so one now and one maybe in a month or so)
  23. I think in the grand scheme of things, that (all new gear) would be more effective, since the extender you have now is single band. I wouldn't trash the old one yet... Use it to test if the 2 extender idea will work. If it does, then order the second dual band extender and mail me your old one :)
  24. lol ok thanks for the help
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