How to setup wireless router on network with ip,username and pass

i have a lan connection with the following things given by provider:
i have to first input
default gateway
Preferred DNS

Then run a client named "Dr.COM Broadband Client" and input the username and password given by provider to start browsing.

My question is how can i set D-link wireless router on this connection.

Well their is another problem, if i try to input the ip and stas in dlink and then connect wirelessly and signin to client OR i try making ADHOC network in the windows 7, connections terminates with a message " it seems you are using proxy"

sorry if its already been asked as i have searched with invalid entries (as i dont know what this ip and password connection called in specific) and returned with no results.

Looking forward for your replies.
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  1. I would call you internet providers tech support line and have them walk you through it, they will have all the screenshots and info needed to get you up and running faster than here...
  2. well calling the tech is not a solution in here as i am in china and rest you can understand :D (language barrier)
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