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Ok I have 1.53 gigs of ram. How do I make games Like descent 3 which only needs 20 megs of memory run. I have them running but part way in the game it locks up. Or Civilization 3 which is a memory hog but locks up.

Here my system
Amd athlon 1800
with 1.53 gigs of ram
gf3 ti 500
sound blaster Live
Modem blaster
Ati Tv trying to find the right drivers
2 hard drives partion into 8 total drives

Tried sisoft sandra Only thing showing is the disk drive and IPX connection for DirectPlay ver 6.00 Function Unavailable
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  1. That's a very odd problem, cause XP can use up to 4Gb without any problems. Try taking out one of the memory modules, and switch around to see if maybe one of them is the cause of your problems.
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