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Hopefully someone can help, and hopefully I can remember all that I have done. I have had issues with: wireless network disappearing, wireless network showing but no throughput, all wireless connections on multiple devices dropping then timing out when trying to reconnect. Hardwired devices never seem to have problems with accessing the internet or LAN. A power cycle always fixing the problem, at least temporarily. I am also using the opendns feature on the router. I have the following items in the house:

iMac (wired, wireless), MacBook (wireless), Gateway Windows 7 laptop (wireless), Insignia Blu-Ray (wireless), TiVO (x2, wireless), iPod touch (second gen., wireless), Kindle (wireless), iPhone 4 (wireless), Samsung Galaxy (wireless), HP C6180 (Currently wired, can be wireless), HP Laserjet (wired through Hawking Printerserver).

Those items are all assigned a static IP outside the DHCP, which is xxx.xxx.x.100-199. We host exchange students so there are other items in the house, and they are not assigned a static IP. There are at least two computers (one wired, one wireless), iPad (wireless), iPhone 4 (wireless, soon to be iPhone 5), some netbook type thing (wireless), and a smartphone running android (wireless). There may be other items, and there are more when friends come over.

I "upgraded" to a D-Link DIR-657 recently, and it has been fairly problematic. I initally had it configured as a "N" only router, with a Belkin "G,B,A" router set up to act as a wireless access point on one SSID with WPA/WPA2 AES. Set up was as follows:

{y}-------------> [ ] [ ] [ ] [x] {y}-------->[ ] [ ] [ ] [x] { }
Cable Modem D-Link LAN1-4, WAN Belkin LAN 1-4, WAN

This set up worked intermittently, one or both, or one then the other (wireless only) router would fail and then need re-started. Sometimes in the case of the Belkin, a restart would result in a restoration to factory defaults. I at this point tried to seperate the channels. I put one on one end (1), and then one on the other (11). This no longer showed one SSID, so I had two SSIDs on one network, and it didn't work much better that way. I also started with other devices plugged into the LAN ports on the back of the Belkin router. I ended up removing them to see if it helped, it did not.

I decided there must be a problem with these two units communicating/interfering with each other, and I removed the Belkin totally. I switched the D-Link to a "N, G" configuration with WPA/WPA2 AES. This has not worked much better. The settings I have changed are:

Auto channel to fixed channel three. I chose fixed channel three because InSSIDer showed it to be the most available channel/range.
Updated Firmware to latest version.
Reset router to factory defaults.

The problem seems to be related to network usage. When I back up our MacBook to the RAID drive on the iMac, it always has a network issue before it is finished. Last night it did about 10 GB and then it failed. After resetting it last night about midnight to "N,G" WPA2 AES it worked until this morning at about seven. Interestly enough, it failed right after I turned my phone on. However the network crashes when I am not at home, so it is either coincidince or multiple devices are causing problems. I am at wits end. When it works, it work's great. It just doesn't work very much...
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  1. After looking around online and doing a speed test of my connection, I turned QoS off. The router is much more stable. Apparently QoS on this router doesn't handle upload speeds of greater than 2Mbs well. Mine is currently running between 4-5Mbs.
  2. Well the problem came back. I fixed it by going to an Asus RT-N66U.
  3. Try disabling the DLNA Media Server from the Setup tab. For some reason, mine was malfunctioning in a similar way, spontaneously rebooting and disconnecting all wireless clients. It was constantly reading from the hard drive I have connected to the Shareport Plus port, and the reboots were occuring with remarkable regularity (every 30 minutes or so). You should check the Event Viewer to see if the problem manifests at regular intervals. The event log you're looking for is in "Applications and Services Logs ---> Microsoft---> Windows---> NetworkProfile---> Operational". You're looking for event ID 10001, which indicates a network disconnection. As soon as I turned off the media server, the disconnects and rebooting stopped cold. It might crop up again, but it hasn't as of yet.

    It still doesn't explain why D-Link put a shotty DLNA media server in their routers, but at least it's something that can be isolated and deactivated. Hope that helps..
  4. I never enabled the DLNA Media server. I don't really have any use for it. Like I said I switched to the RT-N66U from Asus and have been very pleased. Basically no issues.
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