OK, so I'm getting ready to build my first system, and I'm looking for the perfect case. It seems that many cases (Antec, Chieftec, and all their clones) are now equipped with doors or covers over the external drive bays and the power/reset switches.

My question is...doesn't it get a little stale having to open the cover every time you want to fire up the system? I don't mean to sound lazy, it just seems like after a while I'd get tired of opening/closing the cover and just leave it open or take it off.

Is there a way to turn on the computer using the keyboard or mouse that most of the people with doors/covers are using?

Thanks for your patience...

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  1. I got a door, but the power and reset buttons are not behind it. yes way too lazy if you can't be bothered to move the door :)

    <A HREF="" target="_new">this is my case</A>

    <font color=red>Got a silent setup, now I can hear myself thinking.... great silence</font color=red>
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