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I was wondering if anyone had been following the DVD burners lately. I have been waiting until they develop a little bit, and I am thinking about putting one on my Christmas list. BUT, only if the next generation should be available soon. Does anyone know the progress of things in this market or how/where they stand? Is this a good time to buy? If so, why, and if not, when might be? Any news on a 4x DVD-R burner? Is DVD-R going to be the best format for buring movies onto DVD for wide compatibility on people's home players? What is the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R, I really have never understood this.
Thanks all!

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  1. you can buy sony's dvd+-RW/R for $315 at mwave. It should be in stock some time soon. It's not in stock now however.

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  2. pioneer has 4x dvd Recordable drive... I think it's called A105. looks very nice .. and only costs 315 with free shipping from newegg.com
  3. "I have been waiting until they develop a little bit"

    Me too. I'm waiting for an affordable 8x or greater DVD-R. I'll probably be waiting a good while though :frown: .
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