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So I just did a fresh install of windows. I have a tri monitor set up and sometimes I turn off 2 monitors to game. I used to just press windows button + p to pull up the screen to switch monitors and off. However, after the install When I press the windows button and another button, my shortcuts on home screen gets selected (ex. If I press windows button + c, cccleaner gets selected and if I hit c again it goes down the list alphabetically). Is there a way to get this working again? I know I can search for the exe (what is it called?) but I really liked how fast and easy the windows +p was.
Any idea why this is happening?
Also, for some reason number lock doesn't stay on, when I hit the volume button the volume scroll bar pops up in the exact middle of screen opposed to near the icon, and etc.
It just seems weird that this is happening.
Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Start Button, search 'keyboard' and under control panel select 'keyboard' Here you can change the assignments for most of your keys...maybe resetting to defaults will cure your problem...
  2. It works with the virtual keyboard from kapersky but not regular. Might just try to delete that and see if all the strangeness goes away.
    Thanks for the help!
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