Installing multiple pc's first time

I m a newcomer to this forum but not to, been watching/getting info for over a year now.
I thought i might ask you guys here since i m a bit troubled about the following:
I m an owner of an internet cafe. I am not using a server but 13 independent pc's which get locked by a software server-client i bought localy.
I just ordered 13 new pc's to upgrade my 3year old lan and i need some advice.
I am trying to find the safest way to install OS + 25-30 games to my new pc's. Last time i used Norton Ghost 1.0.2(from Hirens cd) to ghost all hard drives since they are all same setup (mobo-vga-core etc) on windows XP.
I did by setting up a pc and using the "copy from master to slave" option each hard disk separately.
Now the question: I m not sure if this will be the same with the new pc's that will have Windows 7 ultimate + 450gb of games loaded on them. Is there a safe way anyone can propose to do all this? Because installing separately is out of questing (will take ages). Will Ghost work or maybe i should buy something like Acronis Snap Deploy?
What is the best solution for me?

Thanks in advance.

(Oh the new pc's setup is :
OS: Windows7 Ultimate
Mobo: Sabertooth990fx
Core: Amd FX8320
Mem: 8gb
Vga: Asus 7870
LAN: 1000 Mbit/s)
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  1. I use EaseUS which comes on the UBCD

    It will make a 1:1 copy of the hard drive
  2. Sorry to answer a bit late. Thanks for heads up.
    Atm i am trying "copy" the 1st drive with Acronis true image, i ll post later on the result just in case someone else is trying to set up multiple pc's.
  3. For anyone thats looking same problem.
    I got Acronis true image home.
    Tried "image recovery" and "disk cloning" on 2 pc's. Both seem to work flawless so far.
    Image recovery applied to a hdd that allready has windows, clone disk to a blanc hdd.
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