What is a good case (for the 100th time)

I know there are many peeps that have asked this before, but I am looking for a something slime like a 3U rackmount case or desktop case (the kind that lay on the side and you set the monitor on them) I need room for 5 hdd and 3 cd roms. Yeah, like is there any reason a rack mount would not work for a standard single cpu computer with a huge ti4400 graphics card, or is there a good alternative?

Thanks for any recommendations

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  1. Wow, Im usefull for something. 3 external 5" and not 5.. but 6 (in case u get a bit more hungry) space for harddrive.


  2. that's a nice case

    Most problems I see when people buy cases is space, most of the time the lowest ext. bay or two become useless when using large motherboards because the optical drive touch the motherboard so you're unable to install them into lower bays.

    I like cases that have the lowest ext. bay above the motherboard, then there is no way not to be able to use any of the ext. bays because of space.

    Learned this the hard way, or maybe my opticals are too old and larger than the ones you can buy today. One way or the other, a little extra space comes handy when you have to dig around inside the case, less trouble/pain.

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  3. Chieftec midtowers are nice. If you want a Rackmount instead the smallest that works in standard orientation is the 3U size.

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