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I've been using a wireless g router as of now, but since im getting a new computer i figured its time to upgrade.

I want the speediest of the speediest connections. I want one of the best wired connections, if not the best wired connection. I plan on multiplayer, and hd video streaming.

The problem is i have no idea where to begin. Ill be shoping at and What do i need for a wired connection and what type of router ( You use a router for a wired connection right? ) should i get for a super speedy connection.

Im a complete noob so please explain. And by the way, how many mb up and down will i get with a real good wired connection.

And advice/help appreciated.

Ps. Im guessing a wired connection is better than the new AC Wireless Routers right?
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  1. You will get faster LAN speeds on a wired connection, commonly 1Gbps on a new router (that is between devices connected to your router), but you will still only get whatever your broadband speed is as far as your internet connection goes.
  2. Is your router only wireless? If it has a ethernet connection, just use that. Even an older 100mb ethernet port will be faster than just about any internet connection you can get. If you want to increase your internet speed, check with your ISP for a faster service. You may need to upgrade your modem though.
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