HELP - Recieving >1MBps Telstra ADSL2+


It only happened a few days ago, but all of a sudden, during peak hours my internet would drop from a steady 3-4MBps (Slow for ADSL2+ I know) to an unstable and crashing 1MBps. Right its below that and sitting at around 400kbps.

This is ridiculous. Were paying premium prices for Dial-up connection. Can anyone think of a solution?

So far we've

- Replaced the Router
- Replaced the wall splitter/filter
- Replace all the cables connecting the splitter and the router.

Were almost 100% sure the problem is not on our end. So what can we do?
Please help as downloading at 40kb a second is ridiculous.

Also, would changing ISPs to say Internode fix it?
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  1. Oh and Im roughly 1-2km away from the exchange.
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    Since it happens only during certain hours of the day it is most likely not your equipment and most likely not even the connection between your house and the telco. The problem more than likely in the device they call a DSLAM. This is where you and all your bandwidth hogging neighbors meet up in the telco office. The ISP may have very badly oversold their capacity.

    Call them and have them test your will most likely be fine but ask them if they have capacity issues and if they plan to upgrade. If you are very lucky you may get a tech that knows something.
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