Pc turned off during update now

My laptop turned off during an update and now wont load windows explorer giving me a black screen. Anyway to repair this?
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  1. If you have restore points enabled, you can revert Windows back to the previous state.
  2. no restore points available. I thought they were on but it's no giving me any previous dates to restore back to.

    Also if i try to manually run explorer.exe as a new task, it closes with an error message as soon as I input any characters.
  3. Sorry, I have no idea... but you can try googling
    explorer.exe black screen
    which brings up a number of hits, as it appears to be a relatively common problem.
  4. you will need to boot in recovery mode or safemode. try safemode first by pressing F8 while booting. If you can get in open cmd and type sfc /scannow

    if you cant get into safemode there's another button to lauch recovery mode, and basically do the same thing
  5. Verify system files by goin to CMD and type "sfc /scannow" without quotes it replaces the corrupted files
  6. If above does not work, try inserting you win 7 installation disk and selecting Repair.
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