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Hi guys

I hope this question doesn't sound too crazy. I would like to explore the possibility of exploiting the connection at work, which works 24/7, from home. The computers at work use a wi-fi, but can connect to the landline phone too. Is there any way I can (hypothesizing here):

- convert the internet signal I get on the PC at work to a phone pulse or tone
- send the resulting signal to a phone number (somehow), which can be reached via a dongle or the likes
- call that phone number from my home PC and use it to connect to the net?

Maybe this is just nonsensical gobbledygook, but the gist is: can I steal an active connection, and how?
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  1. short answer is NO
  2. Emerald said:
    short answer is NO

    Thank you.

    Will anybody care to provide me with the LONG answer? In other words, what is necessary for this exploit?
  3. Hacking discussion is not allowed here so don't ask the question that way.

    So if we assume your work would allow it you can use a modem if you can still find one. They run at 56 KILOBITS which is extremely slow. On top of that it is becoming more and more rare for phone lines on peoples desks to be analog, they are mostly a propriety digital PBX or VoIP system
  4. Ah - Hacking discussion is not allowed? Obviously, wrong forum.
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