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Hello, I am in a small town in Brasil trying to wire a 6 floor BnB with internet. The only option we have is a 3G modem bringing in a satellite signal at 1Mbps. The office is on the third floor and the rooms above on the next two above. The signal will also have to go one floor down. House construction is concrete with thick wooden doors. What are my best options to bring the signal to guest rooms
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  1. more reliable would be running network cable to each room and use a switch.

    is it a USB type 3G modem?
  2. As suggested wired is best. If that is not a option you can try the powerline extender devices. Many models can run more that 2 devices but tend to degrade if you put in a lot. Also sometime they just refuse to work in some building because of some strangeness in the way the power is wired. Be sure if you go that route you buy them from a place you can return them.

    Another option that may work if you have coax cable tv wires already is to try device called "moca" These let the wire run tv and internet.
  3. how many rooms are we talking about and how many per floor?
  4. Emerald said:
    how many rooms are we talking about and how many per floor?

    there is the office and reception on floor #3

    the next floor up has one large suite

    above that is a floor with 4 suites

    and above that is a floor with 1 more suite

    from the office there is a good line of site to a front building where it would be advantageous to have a signal it is about 40 to 50 yards only blocked by bushes
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