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[Solved] Router intermittent internet connection

November 11, 2012 3:14:49 PM

I wanted to post this as this has been driving me nuts for a few weeks now. I have a Dlink DIR-615 N300 version C1 wireless router and have been using it for a few years without any problems. I recently moved and even though I changed service providers, the home network remained the same. I have 1 wired and 3 wireless clients. I started noticing that videos on the wired client would become choppy and freeze frequently when played from one of the wireless clients. I assumed interference from neighbors as this was never an issue at the old place. I changed channels, settings on the wireless client and it seemed to work for a while but then it started doing it again. I reset the router, removed encryption, set IP reservations, and again, it worked for a while but problems re-occurred.

Then my wife started complaining about slow or dropped internet on her laptop. I thought it might be that the router was not compatible with the new modem from the new provider. But that didn't make sense either, as that should not affect performance of shared videos over the network. I spent many hours researching this issue, and found many complaints about the Dlink routers so I thought I was going to have to replace it as it appeared as if mine was just ready to die.

So last night I decided to look through my spare parts box for one of my older G routers to install until I could buy a new one, and lo and behold I find another Dlink DIR-615 router (hardware version E3). I don't remember where it came from but I am the computer guy in my group of friends so everyone gives me boxes of computer stuff they no longer need or think are broken, so must have come by it that way. So I swapped it out and my wireless clients picked up the wireless signal and immediately everything seemed so much more responsive. Just looking at my network map populated instantly. Internet speed tests showed higher and more consistent speeds too.

It had to be an issue with the old router but I did all the software troubleshooting so I decided to open it up. And guess what I find? One of the wires running from one of the antennas was loose, and some of the solder had broken off where it was soldered to the board! I am guessing that this was the root of all my problems and now that I think about it, may have been affecting my performance even at the previous place. My wife would frequently complain about slow internet but I was on a slow plan so didn't think too much of it. I believe that just packing up the router and moving it caused the flaky connection to finally break all the way and become practically unusable. I do plan to re-solder the joint and test my theory but for now I just wanted to share my story. It took me 30 seconds to open the router and see the bad connection, but it did not occur to me that it could be a hardware issue as it seemed to be working fine just a couple days before. So check those connections if you are having poor performance and dropped connections, or get driven nuts like me!