onboard sound or separate PCI card?

im getting a new PC with the MSI KT3 ULTRA2-R mainboard, this board has integrated 5.1 sound, is it a waste of money to add a AUDIGY card to it? (im not a big sound buff, and i'll use the PC for games mostly)
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  1. The first thing I'd consider is your existing speakers. If they're crappy, then onboard sound is fine. The standards of onboard sound have improved a lot.

    But if you want a real audio experience to go with your games, then a good sound card/speaker combination is really worth it. Although to some extent it does depend on the genre of games you play. With a FPS I think a good sound setup really adds a lot.

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  2. my speakers are totally crap thank you:-)
    they are your typical 15dollar piece of junk that you get when buy a pre-built computer!
    i might buy better speakers in the future, but for now i'll stick with the ones i got!
    thanks for the reply, i'm gonna stick with the onboard sound for the moment!
  3. I think that's the right choice. Save your dollars and buy the right combination of sound card and speakers when the time is right. Good luck.

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  4. You might better get better speakers for now. The analog Inspire 5.1s can be had for less than 80 bucks online. 5.1 sound is the way to go for positional audio. These are nice "bang for the buck" speakers. I suppose it comes from Creatives relationship over the years with the Cambridge folks.

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